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To the field of battle, dark soldiers [Aug. 20th, 2008|11:24 pm]
The Kindred


[mood |tense]

"Very well. We have a plan and we have the means. And now is the time to bring this to an end. This time, there shall be no waiting, no chance that spies can lurk into the shadows and tell our secrets. The attack will take place now, on this very night."

I'd wish you luck, but i'm afraid i'm all out of that...

"If anything should go wrong, look to your superiors. If it becomes a futile battle, make haste away and hide in the shadows. But, do not disappoint me."

Janus glanced briefly toward Everette.

"Win back our New York."

[User Picture]From: izaak_waldemar
2008-08-22 10:49 am (UTC)
Izaak bowed deeply to Sasha. This may give me some time to prepare.

He brushed past everyone and left the room.
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