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Our Haven: Kindred Embraced [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Kindred

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Crash into me [Sep. 30th, 2008|06:58 pm]
The Kindred
Scorn hopped back into her truck and turned it around, then motioned for the other driver to do the same. She then grabbed the greasy knob of the gearshifter and threw her vehicle into reverse. As her tires squealed, the truck flew toward the entrance in reverse, leaving a trail of sick smoke in it's wake. The rear of the truck punched into the side of the building with a thunderous roar, creating a cloud of plaster and brick where there once was a wall. A split second later, the rolling rear door of the truck flew open and out of it poured dozens of cats, rats, squirrels, and small children, all of them clearly starving for blood. They swarmed the entrance of the facility, some screaming and clawing against the main door and others crawling in through small holes in the wall. The emaciated vampire children wore mud-caked tatters, suggesting they had been kept underground for days without food, and were likely completely lost to the Beast within.

Scorn breathed heavily as she took out her blood-soaked bat, then turned to face the door.

I hope that's a good enough diversion
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It is TIME [Sep. 15th, 2008|12:20 am]
The Kindred

[Current Location |just outside the office building entrance]
[mood |excitedprepping for the long night]

Sasha led their small army from the Chantry to the battle ground. As they drew close to their final destination, Sasha turned to talk to her fellow kindred. "Tonight, we will avenge all of our losses. We will take back New York for our new Prince and the kindred of the Camarilla will once again dominate this city." She looked Fatima in the eye, knowing that this was one of few times they'd be fighting on the same side, "We will win by working together. By showing those who have tried to take us down, that will not be defeated." She sent an encouraging smile to Izaak. "We have a city worth fighting for, a wonderful, fantastic city. And after tonight, it will be ours to enjoy again."

With that, all kindred moved forward into position for the first stage of battle. We are going to lose more of our people tonight. Probably a lot more. Just, please, please...let us win it out in the end...
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In Preparation of Battle [Sep. 14th, 2008|10:52 pm]
The Kindred

Izaak gathered himself together, mentally preparing for the mission ahead. He went to go look in the mirror, smoothing over his hair one last time and adjusting his clothes. His mission was to take his strongest Auspex users and go scout out the Garou hideout. Izaak had managed to ferret out Aldric, a powerful old Toreador who kept to himself mostly, but who was unquestionably the second-best Auspex user in the city, barring himself. Izaak was the only person that Aldric would obey, and that thought made Izaak flush with pleasure. The other toreador accompanying them, Gwenda, was a young toreador and a relatively recent addition to their ranks. She was a creature with much promise, however, and he was confident in her abilities.
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Get to know alexis : open to anyone [Sep. 1st, 2008|09:47 am]
The Kindred

Alexis put a dark thin cigarette into his mouth and with a slight jerk of his hand it ignited, letting the smoke swirl around his mouth. He could almost taste it, almost remember. Smoking was more of a pointless habit these days instead of simply a bad habit. How he envied the mortals of that. Alexis loved his un death but had to admit that smoking and the disease risk it entailed was really a mortal man's game. However he continued to smoke because he found that it relaxed him even by the act alone, also when dealing with mortals it seemed to draw attention from his pale face.

Closing the door of his apartment behind him Alexis set out into the night ,he did not need to feed as he had done so a few hours earlier. He just felt the need of the warmth of shadow's embrace. Moving down an alley way side stepping the social detritus that littered the urine soaked walls calling out for charity like abandoned kittens he came to a high wall. With a quick look over his shoulder to ensure the bums had not followed him he levitated into the air and landed the other side of it. A shortcut that shaved 20 minutes off his journey. Rushing, he felt, was also a trait best enjoyed by mortals.

Arriving at his destination, a bar he frequented for no other purpose than to check in with his contacts or have a meeting, he walked in and sat down in a booth in the corner. Lighting another cigarette he leaned his head into the half shadow cast by a malfunctioning light bulb. He never had to look for a distraction. It normally found him.

" I hold the world but as the world, a stage where everyman must play a part and mine is a complicated one "
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pacing (two hours later) [Aug. 31st, 2008|07:33 pm]
The Kindred

[Current Location |The Chantry]
[mood |calmawaiting the coming of a battl]

Sasha paced back and forth waiting for the Primogen to return with information gathered from their preparations for attack. She had been able to add four more Brujah for her contribution, all dults, but they would provide much needed strength.

Oh Blight, if only you were here to see me through this tonight.
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To the field of battle, dark soldiers [Aug. 20th, 2008|11:24 pm]
The Kindred

[mood |tense]

"Very well. We have a plan and we have the means. And now is the time to bring this to an end. This time, there shall be no waiting, no chance that spies can lurk into the shadows and tell our secrets. The attack will take place now, on this very night."

I'd wish you luck, but i'm afraid i'm all out of that...

"If anything should go wrong, look to your superiors. If it becomes a futile battle, make haste away and hide in the shadows. But, do not disappoint me."

Janus glanced briefly toward Everette.

"Win back our New York."
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the battle plan... [Aug. 8th, 2008|06:02 pm]
The Kindred

[mood |aggravatedready to fight]

Hands over the plan to Janus. "It's what I could come up with in an hour, my Prince. Let me know what you think. My Brujah stand ready to fight when you give the word."

Sasha's PlanCollapse )
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Death, say the masses [Aug. 5th, 2008|01:36 am]
The Kindred

The voting having concluded, Janus sat back in his throne and took a deep breath.

"So, it seems there will be blood on this eve. The conclave has voted, and so shall it be."

Janus gave a slight nod to Everette, whom he knew was fuming at the decision.

I need to count on you, friend. Retain your composure.

"The attacks will be coordinated and led by Sasha, while Everette will serve as the overseer of the operation. I expect everyone else to give their unwavering support to this endeavor."

Janus turned his gaze toward Sasha.

"I would like a detailed battle plan within the hour. We will strike soon after that."

The doors to the conclave opened immediately and Tremere neonates began buzzing about like wasps preparing for war.

As the kindred began conversing with one another, discussing the news and making plans, Janus sat, alone.

Gott Bewilligung uns Kraft
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Distraction from the closed doors [Aug. 3rd, 2008|07:14 pm]
The Kindred
Caedralyn looked at the closed doors to the meeting room for the billionth time, then let her eyes swivel around the room at the sad fighting force amassed.  They looked pathetic.  She pulled a toy from the holster around her ankle and tapped it against the palm of her hands.  Silver teeth glinted wickedly at the ends and when she pressed the button on the side electricity crackled between them.  It was just a modified tazer, but she was 100% positive it was effective, or had been on the last wolf to grace her basement lab...granted that wolf had not been functioning at full capacity.  She holstered the tazer and looked at the door again, frowning.  The vote was a joke, a formality that had to be done, but was anyone really going to argue against fighting for their lives?

Caedra sighed and pulled out her PAAD, wondering if there was any chance that the Chantry would have wireless internet.  It was doubtful, given the archaic demeanor of most vampires.  

<i>Worse than crosses and stakes...technology will be the killer of most vamps</i> she mused to herself

She logged on through an exclusive satellite instead of bothering to look for a wireless connection.  Her satelite would bound the signal, keeping it from being tracked, at least for long enough for her to end the connection.  She dug around in the city's files, pulling up schematics of the sewers and planning different strategies to keep her mind occupied. It was like an chess game, only her opponents army was invisible, the board worked in mulitiple dimensions, and there was no movement restriction....okay so it wasn't like a chess game, but at least it was a way to pass the time.
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The Killing Table [Jul. 8th, 2008|07:35 pm]
The Kindred

Two of the remaining retainers of Janus' estate temporarily put down their weapons and took up formal positions adjacent to the doors that lead into the formal dining area. They opened the doors in unison, revealing a fully dressed conclave table.

"May we into the meeting room, Primogen. We have things to discuss."

And plans to make.
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