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the battle plan... - Our Haven: Kindred Embraced [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Kindred

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the battle plan... [Aug. 8th, 2008|06:02 pm]
The Kindred


[mood |aggravatedready to fight]

Hands over the plan to Janus. "It's what I could come up with in an hour, my Prince. Let me know what you think. My Brujah stand ready to fight when you give the word."

Izaak goes ahead with strongest Auspex Toreadors. Using Auspex, they find out how many we are up against by "looking" in the area nearby, report back.
-Izaak goes in astral form to be sure of what we will face once we get inside
(Damian will be in charge of guarding Izaak's physical body during his times of astral projection)

Ski/Everette – get all the info they can from the tattooed flesh, using auspex and thaumaturgy

Izaak again goes in astral form to make sure we know positioning and numbers.
Ember checks the tunnels using Obfuscate to make sure the entrance is clear.
Izaak positions himself above the chamber of our enemies with his fellow Toreador.

Stage 1-
As a distraction, Pondor and Damian will summon all manner of animals to the front door and then move into position with Izaak above the chamber.

Stage 2-
The minute Sasha and the Brujah see the door open, they will contact Ember/Ski and Pondor and then move in, fast and strong, guns blazing - intimidate and decimate.

Once they receive Sasha's signal, Ember, Ski and the other Nos and Malks will attack from the tunnel entrance. Ember, Ski and any others of their clans who have advanced Obfuscate will enter "invisible." The Nos will attempt to make physical attacks in this form until they feel it is unsafe for them to be so. Ski and his Malks will find a place safe from possible physical harm and use dementation to battle the minds of their foes.

Pondor and Damian will earth meld down into the chamber and attack from above when the time is right, possibly in wolf form.

Stage 3-
Fatima's Ventrue will enter through the front, using their powers of presence and dominate to attempt to intimidate and control our enemies. They will be armed and will fire when necessary but their focus should be in using their inner strengths to fight.

Simultaneously, Everette's Tremere will enter through the tunnels, attacking full force with weapons and magic, using their domination to aid them as well. Everette will specifically focus on undoing the spell that binds the Garou to the kindred that control them.

Throughout the fight, Izaak and his Toreador will keep us abreast on the thoughts of our enemies through telepathy. They will try to sort out who is in charge and what the enemies' plans are.

Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavians, and Nosferatu- to kill, maime, wound, and, in the case of the Malks, mentally torture as many as they can. Also, try to rip the magic symbol from each Garou. If it is removed, maybe they will no longer follow their leader and will scatter.

Ventrue and Tremere – to intimidate and dominate our enemies through their presence and magic

Toreador – get information about our enemies, their intentions, and their leaders and send this information to us.

Once we know who the leader is, Ember and other powerful Nos will take the face of that leader and attempt to cause confusion. The Tremere will back them up with magic, "helping" the enemies to believe this is true while the Malks add to the chaos in their own way. Hopefully, Everette will find a way to stop the spell that controls the Garou by this point and so they will be crazy with confusion as well. During the chaos, the goal will be to take control of the leader and either eliminate or capture him, based on Izaak's assessment of the situation.

From: al_luban
2008-08-14 07:44 am (UTC)
"It's a good plan." As far as suicide missions go. "Everyone is doing what they likely do best." Dominating the situation for me. Fatima looks at Sasha. The plan is almost too good for a Brujah. Write about what you know, I guess. Can't wait for the chapter on how to be a mouth-breathing cave-dwelling troll woman. Fatima smiles contentedly to herself.
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