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Our Haven: Kindred Embraced

where the powers of the night intermingle, feast, and war

The Kindred
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We are the Kindred of New York City, representing the Clans Brujah, Ventrue, Nosferatu, Gangrel, Malkavian, Toreador, and Tremere. It is here that we will meet to await orders of our Prince. Here, we will decide when blood will flow from the mortals and from our own kind, always and forever abiding by the Laws of our Prince and the Masquerade.

The Kindred of our city:

Prince of NYC
janus__ (Tremere)

skiouros (Malkavian)
h_everette_kat (Tremere)
brujah_rage (Brujah)
sewer_rat_ (Nosferatu)
al_luban (Ventrue)
izaak_waldemar (Toreador)
pondor (Gangrel)

Other Kindred
callum_quinn (Malkavian)
scorn4u (Gangrel)
d_morningstar (Gangrel)
daemon_faust (Nosferatu)
caedralyn (Ventrue)
jiao_long_ito (Toreador)

The Lost
guy_devere (Ventrue)

For our planning OOC journal go to kindred_plot

To join, contact the Mod (modular00). Once approved, go here to gather the info needed to create a character sheet.